Social Media Security Lessons for Kids on how to be safe and smart on Internet

 Social Media Security Lessons for Kids on how to be safe and smart on Internet

Culture is a continuously evolving Universe where we play our roles and pass it own to generations where the evolution continues with or without us. There are no boundaries and no limits. Such is the world of Cyber Digispace. The Internet has become an integral part of todays Culture and It is there to stay especially in the lives of our Kids – the generation Y+Z. The Internet today plays a very important role in the life of a Kid. At Home, in School , Libraries and whenever wherever they have some free time, The Social Media network today has become their best Buddy. Though Computers, Tablets and Mobile phones can be beneficial for staying connected, enhance social relations.

Is Social media Kids Best Friend ?

It can also be dangerous and are of concern if not accessed in a moderate amount and right way. Cyber security Lessons for kids is the need of the hour. Therefore we are trying to create awareness on social media lessons for Kid on how to be Safe & Smart on the Internet.

The kids today – especially the pre-teens and the mid-teens(10 years to 15years old) are easily able to access internet through multiple devices at Home and they discover many new things. Therefore it’s very important to ensure that they are protected from inappropriate and dangerous contacts and contents on Internet.Contacting strangers online and sharing contact details to strangers can be fatal and hazerdous

Kids Jumping into the Cyber World

The world is moving with the speed of thoughts and everyone wants to jump on the Cyber space. The coolest guy in the campus is the one with maximum followers on Instagram or thousands of friends on Facebook. While some of them would definitely be friends, there are many unwanted strangers who also become part of friends list and get to know everything about us. Today, we can’t live without it because most of our life revolve around it – whether it’s our kid’s, school teachers, colleagues, friends or family. These apps have become the primary channel of communication. The fact that these apps are super convenient, easy to use and on-the-go does not hurt either.But as with every good thing, it is only beneficial when used in moderation. This is where it is becoming a crisis, especially for younger kids who are not mature enough to understand limit.

How exactly is the Cyber World affecting kids?

Social media communication has become the chore of their life. With the medium of photos and videos, kids can see all sorts of activities their friends are engaging in which makes them feel left out. This builds a lot of pressure to show what’s happening in their lives too. In order to get the validation, they might end up spending their parents’ money or engage in activities just to snap them, not actually enjoy it. Take for example a family vacation; rather than enjoying the beautiful scenery or spending time with your family. A lot of kids will only be bothered about getting the right snaps and videos and new display pictures. In the process forgetting about the actual world around them. This has become a very unhealthy way of expression.

Era of Mobile Games and X-Box

Outdoor/Indoor physical games are replaced with mobile games, X-BOX etc. This comes with multiple disadvantages according to psychological study. Kids prefer to play mobile games instead of playing games with friends. This leads to lot of health issues because of lack of physical activities. Kids get so much engrossed that every time mind is thinking about what should be the strategy, my next move. Indeed, it’s creating lot of frustration and making them to think about 2 extreme scenarios either prove or surrender.Cyber Security Lessons for Kids is the need of the hour.

False sense of Achievement

Their brain is so much busy in thinking about mobile games that is killing their Creativity, Innovation ability, Social Communication with family and friends. Because their mind is busy thinking all the time and many kids face difficulty of sleep deprive. This is also leading to psychological depression.Social media Security lessons for Kids is the need of the hour.
The Games these days are designed so powerful that kids starts enjoying pleasure of SUCCESS after completing challenges thrown by gaming apps. The fear is that their self confidence is boosting up with notional achievements. Day by day they engross so much that they forget about the real world and start living in virtual world. We have seen so many cases where kids took extreme actions while completing challenges comprising their safety.

Living in Virtual world

We know there is a positive side of Social and Multimedia only if used moderately and in the correct way. As kids are so innocent and flexible, there is a need to guide them in right direction. To keep the positive side of Digital Space, it is very important to tell them DOs and DONTs. The small nuances of Digital Space so that they do not fall prey to the dark side of social media

Cyber Security Lessons for Kids

EliteCISOs has taken up social initiative to create Cyber Awareness for kids. Here are initial videos and we will come out with many more enriched content in future. Request everyone to “Like, Subscribe” if you like it. So, Lets join hands and spread awareness as much as possible.Remember, training early in life can create behavior changes that will build safer Internet habits. The kids who are more prone to cyber dangers will be alarmed and equiped with skills and knowledge. This will lead to lot of difference in their digital lifestyle. Let us all join hands together to make our kids Safe and Smart on the Internet.


Here are initial videos and we will come out with many more enriched content in future. Request everyone to “Like, Subscribe” if you like it. Lets join hands and spread awareness as much as possible.

Anuprita Daga

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