ka Dabba Smaller Item in Huge Box ka Dabba Smaller Item in Huge Box

Dabbe mai Dabba … ka Dabba. while ,I am trying to explain the shocker Amazon has been giving in a colloquial way, l  leave it on the readers to decide on whats Amazon is upto .  Delivering smaller items in Huge boxes makes the Dabba the most funny and and the same time absurd experience.I leave it on the Amazon team to decide whether they are managing Business Value Activities at the cost of customer convenience. A week back, i bought a litre bottle of Mango Juice. It was delivered in a box in which i could actually sit and drink the juice. Trust me, one could actually fit in nearly  50 such bottles in the box. Its so  inconvenient. I wonder what’s this all about. It’s like  i got a box phobia and decided to pen down my experience and let know whats cooking at the Amazon fulfilement center. This small Item and Big box goof up doesn’t seem to STOP. 

Small Item and Big box goof

I came across an interesting theory that Amazon’s computer/ ROBOT will select a LARGE box for a hundred times small item.This is because there are fewer items in the van and the empty space needs to fill to avoid package breaking. Sounds interesting if looked at safety of multiple packages of multiple customer.

  1. Its so difficult to carry these boxes not just customer but also for the delivery squad. I mean you have to open your arms to get hold of the boxes.
  2. where is the space to keep these Boxes: we have smaller homes !!! The juice bottle finds it’s place in the fridge but what to do with the big ka Dabba.  
  3. Underutilization of Box space and difficulty in handling the package is a WASTE and needs immediate attention. Also, there is Waste in MOTION. The delivery person could have carried 10 packets for delivery in a building instead of one big BOX of one customer. Appropriation of size of packaging with also reduce the delivery time.

The chaos at Fulfillment Center Managing Amazon Boxes

There is another interesting theory. A friend who works at a warehouse shared the situation .Details from receiving orders to boxing and finally dispatching is like working on the fastest ever human robot process. You don’t have time to breath. You have actually few seconds to pick the items and pack it for dispatch. As a result, the team just grabs which ever box is closest to them.

Also, why is this situation only with delivery , I personally have not observed such big boxes from other e-commerce joints. This leads to the third theory. Is it just a marketing gimmick. Do the team wants its customer to know that it’s only Amazon everywhere. Big boxes creating more visibility. well if thats the case, then i must admit, it’s totally working at the cost of customer convenience. 

Delivering happiness with Amazon ka Dabba

So to summarize, next time you receive a small item in a giant box, you can imagine what went wrong. My only submission is that the assembly line needs to be re-engineered. Delivering happiness via superior experience can be achieve only when the end to end process is designed keeping the comfort & convinance on individual customers. 

Rajmani Singh

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